Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ayam Masak Asam Pedas membangkitkan Selera.

Menu berbuka puasa yang amat sesuai sekali. Ayam masak asam pedas dengan bendi. Nyum2.

Baiklah , sediakan bahan-bahannya.

Daging Ayam
Sayur bendi
Bawang besar yang telah ditumbuk
Bawang putih
Lada kering yang telah dikisar
Daun kesum
Sambal belacan
Asam jawa

Cara-cara membuatnya:
*tumbuk kunyit,halia, bawang besar dan bawang putih serta belacan
*masukkan perencah yang ditumbuk ke dalam periuk yang berisi minyak
*kemudian tumiskan sehingga garing.
*masukkan lada kering yang dikisar.
dan tumis sampai pecah minyak
*masukkan sedikit air
* setelah mendidih masukkan ayam dan tambah  air asam jawa.
*jangan lupa masukkan garam dan sedikit gula
*setelah dipastikan daging ayam sudah empok , masukkan sayur bendi dan daun kesum.

* tunggu selama 15minit. Kemudian dah boleh hidang untuk juadah berbuka.
<3<3<3<3<3 B-)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Menu Makan Petang

Mee Goreng Senggarang

Menu pada petang ini ialah mee goreng yang asal usul keturunan dari Senggarang, Batu Pahat. Maka-nya menu ini diberi nama Mee Goreng Senggarang. Memang super HOTTT sebab orang keturunan Jawa sahaja mampu bertahan dengan mee ini. 

*sesiapa mahu resepi ini silalah mesej saya. terima kasih.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pizza Maggie Special

Menu untuk makan lewat malam ini ialah pizza maggie special. kenapa aku cakap special? sebab kandungan dalam maggie ini ialah potongan bawang, lada cili, telur 3biji, sepaket maggie kari. tu yang special. 

semasa digoreng dalam kuali. seeloknya kuali rata tau.senang nak balik-balik.

gambar close-up

gambar pandangan atas. dah siap nanti potong segitiga mcam ni. bahagi la berapa yang anda mahu. janji muat masuk mulut. selamat mencuba.

selamat menjamu selera.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Top 10 Lokasi Coklat di Pelusuk Dunia

  1. Chocoholic Buffet, Vancouver, Canada

    In a setting reminiscent of a European stately home, Sutton Place Hotel’s Fleuri Restaurant plays host to an all-you-can-eat chocolate buffet. The homemade cakes, pastries, and pies, and other goodies are made of premium-quality Schokinag chocolate. Even cocktails and liqueurs are chocolate-themed.
    Planning: In the heart of downtown Vancouver, the hotel offers two chocolate-buffet seatings every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening.
  2. Magnolia Bakery, New York City

    This cozy little 1950s-style bakery shot to fame when characters from the TV series Sex and the City stopped by for a cupcake-fueled sugar rush. As well as red velvet chocolate cupcakes, the bakery dispenses a rainbow of brightly colored cupcakes, plus banana pudding, cookies, cherry cheesecake, and brownies. The German chocolate cake is a high point.
    Planning: Magnolia has four outlets—including the Bleecker Street branch featured in Sex and the City.
  3. Max Brenner, New York City

    Known for its hot chocolate served in a specially designed hand-warming “hug mug,” the Broadway shop and restaurant offer a mind-boggling array of cacao-based product from chocolate truffle martini and chocolate fondue to Young’s chocolate stout.
    Planning: Max Brenner is at 841 Broadway and 141 Second Avenue.
  4. Maya Chocolate, Tabasco, Mexico

    Here in the likely birthplace of chocolate—the word itself possibly deriving from the Maya xocoatl—taste hot chocolate Maya style: thick, foamy, bittersweet, and flavored with chili peppers. The Spanish conquistadors tempered the bitter brew with sugar, cinnamon, ground almonds, and milk. Try it both ways.
    Planning: Comalcalco, Tabasco, has a cacao museum and cacao haciendas.
  5. Sachertorte, Vienna, Austria

    A chocolate sponge cake, thinly coated by hand with apricot jam and then covered with dark chocolate icing, Sachertorte is named for its 1832 inventor, Franz Sacher. He created the dessert to impress his employer, Klemens Wenzel, Prince von Metternich, gaining fame and fortune for himself. In 1876 his son Eduard opened Vienna’s Hotel Sacher—visit the splendid café or one of Vienna’s four Sacher shops.
    1. Hot Chocolate, Turin, Italy

      In Italy’s chocolate capital, sip a cioccolato caldo. This winter-buster comes very thick, hot, and agreeably bitter, topped generously with whipped cream. Samplebicerin, a layered hot-chocolate-and-espresso drink served in glass cups, available only in Turin, or try giandujotto, a foil-wrapped, chocolate-hazelnut candy.
      Planning: Visit in February for the chocolate festival, Cioccola-Tò. Buy a Choco-Pass at the tourist office and get discounts on sweet treats around the city.
    2. Valrhona Chocolate, Tain l’Hermitage, France

      In wine-making country, on the Rhône’s left bank, visit the home of Valrhonachocolate, favored by many of the world’s leading chocolatiers and chefs. Unusually, the chocolate is made only with natural fat from cocoa butter; no vegetable fat is added. Chocoholics will enjoy the chance to sample or buy at the factory shop, while professional chefs can study at Valrhona’s École du Grand Chocolat, a chocolate-cookery school.
      Planning: The factory shop opens daily except Sundays. Explore the medieval city of Tournon, across the river.
    3. Chocolate and Churros, Madrid, Spain

      Few institutions offer better evidence of Madrid’s insomnia than its perennially popular chocolaterías (also known as churrerías), typically abuzz with late-night revelers from 4 a.m. to breakfast time. Their trademark dish is the churro, a long waffle-like stick of savory fried dough, eaten dunked into very thick bittersweet hot chocolate. Stop in at the venerable Chocolatería San Ginés, an 1894 throwback. Expect entertainingly brusque service, bright lights, and a frenzied atmosphere.
      Planning: Chocolatería San Ginés is downtown on Pasadizo San Ginés. It's open all night.
    4. Nemesis, River Café, London, England

      One of London’s best restaurants and the spawning ground of many a celebrity chef, including Jamie Oliver, the café’s signature dessert is the Chocolate Nemesis cake. Gooey with a slight crust on top, it gains its richness from a staggering quantity of chocolate.
      Planning: Chocoholics can join a Chocolate Ecstasy Tour of London.
    5. Chocolate Hotel, Bournemouth, England

      To eat, breathe, and sleep chocolate, where better to stay than this chocolate-theme hotel? Chocolate-tasting and chocolate-making classes ensure that chocoholics leave satisfied.
      Planning: The hotel is on West Cliff, near both beach and downtown. Work up an appetite by walking along the town’s magnificent beach.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

kuih melaka

kuih melaka kebiasaannya dijadikan sebagai makanan pencuci mulut. Nenek aku suka buat kuih melaka ni ketika Bulan Ramadhan menjelma. intinya biasalah gula melaka yang diketuk halus. kenapa tepung dia berwarna kuning?? 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

mee udang cheq sity

bahan-bahan :

udang basah , 
mee kuning, 
sayur brokoli, 
sambal giling,
bawang besar, 
bawang putih,
pati ayam maggi, 

cara membuatnya : 
  • buat perencah menggunakan bawang besar dan bawang putih
  • giling sambal 
  • rebuskan mee kuning hingga menjadi putih
  • panaskan minyak
  • tumiskan perencah sehingga naik bau
  • letak pati ayam, sedikit garam
  • tuangkan sedikit sambal giling
  • tumis sehingga sambal menjadi masak
  • tuangkan sedikit air kedalam kuali 
  • letakkan udang basah
  • letakkan sayur brokoli
  • masukkan rebusan mee
  • kacau sehingga rata
  • apabila sudah siap, matikan api dan masakan sudah sedia untuk dihidang. sekian.